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Empowering Dreams: The NewLife Program by RYP

Focusing on Descendants of the Black diaspora, participants aged between 8 and 15 years (Dreamers) are mentored by Ambassadors between the ages of 16 and 24, all centered around four powerful pillars that RYP employs to strengthen and support communities: Education, Economic Empowerment, Mentoring, and Health & Wellness. The uniqueness of The NewLife Program lies in providing financial support through bursaries and scholarships, coupled with growth and learning opportunities for both the Dreamers and Ambassadors.

Program Overview:

NewLife ReGeneration Program©:
A four-module course guiding young leaders in social development, employment, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, and civic engagement.
Sessions are held weekly from October to May.
NewLife Economic Empowerment Program©:
Fosters financial literacy, career development, financial planning, investment management, and fiscal responsibility.
Encourages entrepreneurship skills and mindset.
Establishes a firm foundation for future business endeavours.
Sessions are held weekly from October to May.

NewLife STEAM BRIDGE Program©:
Ignites curiosity and passion in STEAM through exposure to STEM career options.
Focuses on critical thinking, presentation skills, and proficiency in STEAM fields.
Sessions are held weekly from October to May.
RYP NewLife Mentoring Program©:
Develop a culture recognizing young people’s strengths, including resilience, resourcefulness, and agency.
Dreamers mentoring relationships thrive when the mentor is perceived as credible and relatable by the mentee (Dreamers).
Your donation will be a direct contribution to these impactful programs, ensuring that every dollar is utilized to empower and uplift Black diaspora youth. By providing opportunities for growth, success, and shaping them into accomplished members of society, you become a crucial part of our mission.

Thank you for being an essential supporter of our cause.

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