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Relay Education is a leader in renewable energy education in Canada. We achieve a high standard of quality in our programs by using hands-on learning methods, renewable energy technology and exciting activities to teach about energy, electricity and sustainability. We consistently evolve and improve our education programs to ensure we maintain this caliber.

In 2017, Relay Education engaged 11,602 participants:

295 workshops were delivered across Canada
7,641 Students participated in a Relay Education workshop
1,602 Students attended our 10th Kids’ World of Energy Festival
1,994 People learned about renewable energy from us at community events
1,650 students built renewable energy models in our design challenges

 Our Kids World of Energy Elementary Workshops are as follows:

Concentrate on Conservation: students test blade configurations, learn about the transfer of energy and perspectives on conserving energy in their everyday lives. While using wind turbines, students will complete experiments that hone skills such as data recording, and working in teams.

Capture the Wind: students connect parallel and series circuits, and identify the difference between conductors and insulators. While using wind turbines, students will complete experiments with various blade configurations.

Plug into the Sun: Activities include using miniature solar PV panels to identify the best wavelength for generating electricity as well as the effects of heat on solar panels. In addition, we discuss facts about our solar system such as spectrographs, relative size of astronomical bodies and transfer of energy. Students also build and race solar cars.

Full day sessions consist of one of the KWE workshops with the addition of a Renewable Energy Design Challenge in the afternoon. For the challenge, students are tasked to design and build a model wind turbine or solar powered model car.Your Donation has Big Impact!
When you donate to Relay, you are supporting the only charity in the country solely
focused on renewable energy education. The result is future generations of engineers,
scientists, politicians, and corporate leaders who will be prepared to support and
champion the use of renewable energy and be stewards of the environment.

It’s the perfect time to get involved with Relay Education. We’ve been motivating minds to embrace a 100% renewable energy future since 2004. We engage
over 15,000 participants across Canada annually, with programs in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Nova Scotia. With years of proven success behind us, and generous support from people like you, the future we see is unstoppable.

By funding our innovative education programs, you, our supporters, excite youth to discover more, and inspire them to explore new solutions to age old problems. We will change the future. To us, it’s an incredible opportunity, and a humbling responsibility. Our history is solid, and from that platform we’re leading the way toward an empowering future.

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