Calgary Affordable Housing Foundation

we serve these populations

  • aging population
  • children and youth
  • Disabilities
  • homelessness
  • immigrant newcomers
  • indigenous communities
  • veterans
  • women

we need help with:

  • addiction recovery
  • mental health
  • physical health

Requesting $500000


Our Story — Why We Exist:

Calgary Affordable Housing Foundation (CAHF) has been formed as a legacy and an enduring entity, after a very successful seven-year, RESOLVE campaign whereby nine agencies worked in collaboration with passionate and generous community members to raise $75 million to deliver 21 new projects for 1,850 Calgarians in need of a safe place to call home. In 2018, five of the nine RESOLVE partner agencies carried forward the learnings of the RESOLVE collaboration to establish and inform the early operations of the only public foundation in Calgary with a dedicated mission to raise funds to support the capital needs for affordable housing in the city of Calgary.

Now in the wake of COVID-19, communities across Canada are grappling with the economic and social crisis that has been exacerbated by the global pandemic. Even with government benefits and rental assistance for low-income households, many individuals and families are struggling to cover their housing payments while faced with job losses and the need to care for school-aged children. The need for more affordable housing stock is significant, the solutions are complex and we, at CAHF, know that the challenge can only be addressed in a unified way.

Board Members: 

David McElhanney, Chair

Susan Mullie, Secretary

Stephanie Felesky, Director

Jane Ferrabee, Director

Ryan Scott, Director

Christie Simpson, Director

Kassy Corothers, Direcctor


Cindy Rae Rutherford

Don Peard

Rob Easson

Our Mission:

To build a framework and Foundation that will strengthen communities by creating a source of sustainable funding to support the capital needs for affordable housing.

Our Impact — What We Do:

CAHF’s mandate is to facilitate philanthropic, public and private support to provide future allied partners, with the funding required to increase the stock of accessible, dignified affordable homes for Calgarians. The Foundation will be a dedicated resource for sector non-profit agencies to provide grants for capital projects and run limited-term capital fundraising campaigns. The model has been recognized by Calgary Mortgage Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) National Housing Strategy, Demonstrations Initiative program as an innovative approach that is replicable and scalable across the country.

Are you a Calgary Foundation Fundholder?

Contact Info

David McElhanney

Board Chair

(403) 512-6676