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For the last decade, Right To Play has been creating opportunities for play within Indigenous communities and at-risk urban areas across Canada.  PLAY (Promoting Life-skills in Aboriginal Youth) works closely with Indigenous 90+ communities and organizations across Ontario, New Brunswick, Labrador, Yukon, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia to create positive, lasting change, partnering to engage local young people as mentors and leaders.
Y2Y (Youth to Youth) partners with schools and community centres in Toronto communities where child poverty rates as high as 50% create barriers to programs such as sports. Y2Y programs are designed to engage hard-to-reach Newcomer and at-risk youth in inclusive environments. Both programs have reached over 8,000 youth in 2018.With PLAY, our play-based activities have changed lives for the better for many of Canada’s most vulnerable kids. The PLAY program is culturally specific, drawing on the community’s own traditions, knowledge, and skills. We’ve measured our success in partnering with Indigenous communities, and the impact of Right To Play is clear and evidence-based. The results? Better life skills, improved self-confidence, stronger peer-to-peer networks, and a means to change embedded in the community.

Right To Play provides a combination of financial support, specialized coaching and training for community mentors, and program materials. Designed with input from the young participants, parents and guardians, and community leaders, activities can cover after school, youth leadership, and diabetes prevention programs, as well as development through sports such as hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and baseball.To support our programs please visit us here:



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