Robinson Outreach At RiverCross Ranch

we serve these populations

  • aging population
  • children and youth
  • Disabilities
  • indigenous communities
  • veterans

we need help with:

  • mental health

Requesting $500


Robinson Outreach At RiverCross Ranch (ROARR) is a charitable organization that offers FREE Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programs to seniors in need and youth at risk. Donations and sponsorship opportunities are available to support the following initiatives:
– EAL Training Certification for instructors – $5000 individual training cost per instructor. ROARR needs to hir 2-3 more facilitators to meet the increased demand for ROARR programs.
– Food Services for the Seniors lunches (offered twice/week for 20 weeks) – $500 per sponsored lunch
– ROARR Volunteer Recognition Program: volunteers are recognized by Gift Cards at a value of $25 for every program
– Equine Maintenance & Medical Care: $7500 is allocated to Equine Maintenance such as veterinary support, Farrier services, diet, etc. Contributions to this area of support will help maintain the healthy life of ROARR horses.
– Ranch Maintenance & Equipment: ongoing support and in-kind services may assist ROARR with fence building, pe maintenance, water service, ranch operations and equipment need to operate the programs.
– Bus Transportation for groups in need: Donors may contribute $1000 to rent a bus for a Community Partner of their choice
– Business Development Software & Communications: software services are critical to the program development, data collection and implementation o all RORR programs. In0kins contributions or computer communications support would go along way in helping provide the necessary day-to-day operations of ROARR
– Promotional Material: Posters development/printing, flyer distribution, thank you cards, volunteer gifts and specialty note pads are needs to build exposure and community awareness. Any donation to this area will be used for printing costs and purchase of materials.
– Event Management Support: ROARR events are critical to the ongoing success of ROARR. Support for various infrastructure items to run a successful event may include such items as tent rentals, guest entertainers, donor recognition plaques, Silent/ & Live auction items, and/or theme related activities. ROARR is creative and pen to discuss opportunities for involvement as a donor, sponsor, in-kind contributor or event volunteer.

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Tracy Brooker

Administrative Director

(825) 733-6277


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Financial Statements / Annual Reports

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