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During the Epidemic we had unprecedented requests for adoption. People are lonely. Seniors are living on their own and seek companionship, and families with children have more time and want to adopt a dog, often children begging their parents for one. First Nations are calling to pick up stray dogs since they cannot afford to feed them, all arriving starved with veterinary attention. LGBTQ who often do not have children have strong desire for dogs as part of their family, necessary for emotional happiness. Same with children and teens, all needing a dog to go to when sad or share their life with. Single women are very lonely and want a pet, same w/men. We continue to match pets to adopter’s needs and continue rescuing dogs and cats working long hours all day and night. This attributes to our costs including gas, food (little donated during Covid) and donations are far less. The rescue center has high overhead. Fundraising to raise to pay for the rescue center has come to a halt.

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