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The overriding purpose of the organization is the transformation of the lives of victims in the society through the provision of training, counseling,  medical support, economic livelihood, and micro-grants.Under Ghana’s constitution, both women and men have equal status under the law. Despite these constitutional and legal guarantees, women still play subservient roles to men. Under our customary systems, women are expected to give precedence to men in all things, with the men taking all decisions affecting the family. This position of being the subservient partner has created a situation where Ghanaian women are equated to children. In addition, women are often considered to be the property of their fathers and husbands. This control by men meant that many women have accepted the situation and allow men to “punish” them for alleged disobedience.


Such violence is a threat to all women in our society. For too long it has been kept silent. Many believe that violence at home is a “family affair” and should be dealt with inside the home too often we turn our heads when we know that a woman is being abused. That silence is as dangerous as the abuse itself. By ignoring violence, we are putting every woman we know at risk. Violence against women affects every woman from the time they were infants until they are elderly. It affects our daughter, our mothers, our sisters and our friends. Violence is a threat not only to women but affects society as a whole.


The NGO is committed to the mission of providing leadership initiatives that contribute to ending domestic violence in Ghana.

The Foundation creates awareness of the impact of domestic violence on women and society. The Foundation also provides counseling services, medical relief, shelter, economic livelihood and micro-grants to the abuse victims. The foundation has realized that most men abuse their wives or fiancées when they are solely responsible for the upkeep of the family. Helping these women to acquire workable skills and also contribute to the upkeep of the house can reduce such violence at home. Also, providing unemployed females with entrepreneurial skills can empower them to make their own decisions that can reduce domestic and sexual abuse against women.

We provide them with skills training so that they can cater to their families or assist their husbands to take care of their families. We also train unemployed females or graduates. The foundation provides them with the necessary resources or funding to set up their businesses. The trainees in turn also employ people in the society in their various firms.

Our project has resulted directly in the creation of jobs and significant increases in income for more than 100 women. These successes have given many women their first job and the unprecedented ability to add to and often be the only source of family income. A large number of women have taken up income-generating activities like the manufacture of food items, grocery shops, buying, sewing and hairdressing tools, fridges to sell sachet water, expand their businesses etc. Consequently, family incomes have substantially increased.


Apart from economic changes, tremendous social changes are also evident. The women have begun to command more respect, have received due affection and a rightful place in their family.

We provide advocacy services, counseling services, medical relief, shelter, economic livelihood and micro-grants to abused victims

The Foundation doesn’t have its own shelter, we most often have to rent for a period. Support from the public can support the rentals. We also need more funding to boost the education and creation of awareness of the impact of domestic violence on women and society.

The funds can also assist women to acquire more skills so that can set up their own business . Starting their own business will help them to become independent and also support their family. This will reduce the violence at home.

Finally, the support will help us provide medical relief to the abused victims.

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