Seniors for Kids Society (SKS)

we serve these populations

  • aging population
  • children and youth

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  • education

Since 1996, Intergenerational relationships have been established which gives seniors the opportunity to volunteer with younger people allowing shared wisdom, life experiences, talents, skills while avoiding isolation. Seniors have a desire to encourage young people to reach their full potential. Young people develop a sense of who seniors are by participating in activities leading to positive lifelong skills and memories. Communities are enhanced where everyone benefits: seniors, youth, and families. Seniors for Kids Society promotes intergenerational relationships. Program delivery occurs within schools, senior centers, Bethany Care Centers, senior lodges or other public gathering places. All groups meet on a weekly basis following the school year. On a selected day of the week time spent with students may vary from one to three hours per week. Volunteering time is very flexible throughout the year. Seniors 55+ are encouraged to participate. Become a member!


seniors 50 and over
have a positive and open attitude
like to have fun within a school environment
wanting to participate in inter-generational relationships
sharing time, talents, skills and knowledge with one another

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