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Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta (SCFA) serves individuals/patients who have sickle cell anemia disease (SCD) and their families. We serve about two hundred patients in Calgary. Many are children in k-12 schools while others are post-secondary students or working adults with families. Their need for proper food, clothing, travel safety, over the counter medicine, school equipment, tuition and relief help, will continue long after the COVID-19 virus stabilizes. Already predispose to symptoms such as acute chest syndrome, fevers, shortness of breath, coughs and strokes (Andemariam, B; 2020); they enter hospitals for prophylactic blood treatments. They may wish to curtail school and economic participation to stay healthy. Many families already experience financial insecurity. Calgary’s board members estimated that 50 or the 200 families (Minutes; May, 2020) will need assistance. We wish supplementary funds of $600./family + $300./individual = $22,500; plus administration cost of $2500.

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