Soap for Hope YYC

Our program does 2 things:

  1. Diverts reusable products from our landfills.
  2. Provides basic hygiene to local community shelters and outreach programs.

-In 2019 we diverted over 115,000 lbs of plastic bottles and bars of soap from entering our landfills!

РAll of these diverted hygiene products were donated back to our community to local shelters, community outreach programs, schools, seniors  and families Рat NO COST to the Community Facility

This would not be possible without the valuable contributions of our volunteers.Bins of product continually come into the warehouse. The bins of products are sorted, product cleaned, bottles topped up and packed. The result is products that are full, clean and look new.

Typical processes in the Soap for Hope warehouse includes:

-Sorting product received from hotels

-Standing up bottles to determine quantity of product

-Squeezing, draining or scraping out product to refill other bottles ( plastic is recycled)

-Topping up bottles or tubes with syringes, or a squeeze bottle

– Cleaning bars of soap by scraping

-Assembling 5 piece hygiene kits (soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion).


This is a very labor intensive program. We rely on our volunteers to do this work. Each product leaves our warehouse looking new. We believe in giving good quality products to the Community Facilities.

 The Community can support Soap for Hope Canada by:

  • Hotels signing up to become a Caring Community Partner
  • People volunteering
  • Be a champion at work and collect hygiene amenities and empty (clean) family sized shampoo/conditioner bottles for us to fill up
  • Become a Monthly financial donor
  • Make a financial donation
  • We need a van so we can continue to do pick ups from our hotel (currently our volunteers are using their vehicles
  • We need funding to grow – we would like to hire a Volunteer Coordinator as we have so many groups that come into our warehouse. With limited staff it is making this difficult.
  • We need to purchase product that can not be reprocessed (like toothpaste/toothbrushes/deodorant/feminine products)

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Program Coordinator

Michelle Edgar