South West Communities Resource Centre Society (SWCRC)

On a daily basis, we help people access the resources they need, build skills and increase personal resilience so that they can move to a place of well being for themselves, their families and their community.

All our programs and services are FREE.  We provide a welcoming space that celebrates individuals strengths, diversity and community engagement.  Our Community Social Workers provide immediate  support to people in crisis, often including access to basic needs like food, clothing and baby supplies.  We make referrals to appropriate services where they will receive follow up and additional support.

In 2019 our Resource Centre had 35 programs, had 4557 in-person visits, 2574 phone calls and a total of 1062 unique and unduplicated families.   Our numbers have been increasing yearly and we have successfully responded with strong community partnerships.

The majority of people who visit our centre present with a number of complex issues that takes time to unravel.  We help them sort through their challenges, make the best referrals and advocate when necessary for our neighbours.  We deal with precarious housing, unemployment and underemployment; addictions and mental health concerns, domestic violence; parent-child conflict; depression and social isolation.

 The SouthWest Communities Resource Centre provides high quality programs and services grounded by best-practices and measurable outcomes.  Many of our programs are over-subscribed and  have wait lists.   Our Magic Carpet Ride for parents of pre-schoolers is very popular and deep friendships between participants develop over the year.

Another highly popular program is our Youth Tutoring Program.  We have been partnering with local schools for the last 10 years providing low-income youth free tutoring in the evening.

Our tutors are amazing local volunteers who spend 1 1/2 hours per week with the youth in either Junior High or High School and supporting them in their academic goals.

Programs shift and change over the year, however current programs running are:

  • Parenting Programs “Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting”
  • Youth Tutoring Program
  • Magic Carpet Ride
  • Public Access Computers including free computer classes.
  • Monthly speaker series and workshops (mental health)
  • Community Celebrations

We also partner with other agencies to offer an array of services for our families.  A number of social agencies utilize our Resource Centre to meet with local individuals for various services:  Aspen Family Services, Carya Family Services, Calgary Immigrant Women’s Associaton, Southwood Library etc. As a  community driven organization we proudly work with all our partners, elected officials, community stakeholders and volunteers to coordinate accessible and affordable services in south west Calgary.Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. We rely on our neighbours to support our efforts in time, expertise, or financially.  All are important.

If you would like to sit on our board we would like to hear from you.  Please connect and let us know the skills you would bring to our board.

If you would like to be involved in our programs give us a call or better yet, drop in and say hello.

If you are interested in a financial contribution, we will ensure it goes directly to the support of local families.  We need our neighbours to believe in us and help build a strong and united communities.

“As a volunteer I have met many wonderful people who all have an interesting story to tell—their life story. Volunteering has helped me remain active and feel a part of the community. It is a very rewarding experience.”

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