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The mission of String Theory Music Collective Society is to inspire curiosity and appreciation for Early Music and an understanding of its role and relevance in today’s contemporary musical and cultural landscape. Our innovative and memorable artistic experiences illuminate historical connections with our current view. Presenting music in historical and modern contexts, we challenge preconceptions and provide opportunities for discovery and thoughtful engagement.

Performing on historical instruments, we recreate history in the present moment. With Early Music as a point of reference and departure, we find strings of continuity that bridge cultures, time periods, and artistic genres. By challenging conventions, we create unique programs that open perspectives and appeal to a diverse audience. We aim to build community and expand creative possibilities.

Through multi-disciplinary collaborations with professional and emerging artists, and community-focused organizations, we build partnerships that strengthen and contribute to the sustainability, growth, and resiliency of the arts sector in Calgary and beyond.

With our focus on scholarship and commitment to excellence, we provide leadership and learning opportunities for our colleagues and collaborators. Engaging with mentors from across Canada and around the world, we advance our professional development and support our vision. As teaching artists, we are committed to sharing our expertise and passion through educational initiatives that foster the next generation of artists and arts enthusiasts.

Our current funding priority is to present up to three collaborative projects per year and to fairly compensate our musicians and guest artists.

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