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Our research, policy proposals, and co-design processes have led to some exciting and innovative outcomes. Bridgeland’s 4th Avenue flyover project, an idea that came out of our work with the community, won a national award. The community and their partners took the concept to the next level and made it happen!

Our co-design work with Marlborough led to a partnership with the Federation of Calgary Communities. FCC’s micro grant program, Activate YYC, gave communities all over Calgary an opportunity to make their catwalks better places for people.Active Neighbourhoods Canada

  • The Active Neighbourhoods Canada (ANC) program supports walking, cycling and vibrant streets through community-led and professionally designed pilot projects in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, using what we call a “co-design” approach. Our national coalition works to make positive built environment changes that will lead to behaviour change and bring about change in professional practice and public policy.

State of Our City reports

  • These reports are defined by the participation and contribution of a broad cross-section of Calgarians, including experts and non-experts, recognizing that all of us are responsible for creating a more sustainable Calgary. The indicators that guide these reports were developed through a citizen engagement process and the sustainability of our city’s communities, economy, education system, natural environment, resource use, and wellness.
  • The success and relevance of the State of our City reports depends on the support and participation of Calgarians.

Housing, Transportation and Food

  • Through research and action, we identify urban planning policies that make life more affordable when it comes to housing, transportation and food.

Get Involved

Our community work is only possible when we get to work with Calgarians. You can help us create a sustainable future for Calgary by:

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  • Work with us on our projects
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  • Bring forward new project ideas

Attending our symposiums and community events

  • Our work is only possible when we get to work alongside citizens. Keep up to date with our upcoming events and join us to share your ideas and perspectives!

Governments all over the world are creating spaces for people. Research tells us that neighbourhoods experiencing low-incomes are more likely to have inadequate infrastructure and pedestrian collisions, and less access to parks and green space. Now more than ever, people need space to move around their cities safely and they need that space to maintain their mental and physical health.

Why Sustainable Calgary?

For the past two decades, Sustainable Calgary has been the product of partnerships and relationships. We collaborate with other organizations and convene with community around big questions and ideas. Health equity underpins our work, and we believe that to make communities equitable, people should have a say in how the public spaces around them are built. Our unique co-design process brings together locals and experts to design healthy neighbourhoods, and has been used successfully in communities across the country.


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