Syn.ap.tic: Spinal Cord Injury and Neuro Rehabilitation Centre

The only limits are the ones you make for yourself.

At Synaptic, we take our clients beyond their chair or mobility devices and provide them with high intensity therapy sessions that focus on achieving functional milestones.

Whether our client’s goal is to be more independent, manage the progression of illness or take those first steps in their recovery, we support our client’s determination and ability.

Synaptic is a national leader in innovative technology and rehabilitative equipment. Our therapeutic technology facilitates in the recovery of hand function, improvement of strength and range of motion, increased cardiovascular function, improved bone density, managing pain, decreasing tone/spasms and contributing to a better quality of life.

Clients of Synaptic have access to the following equipment:

● Xcite
● FES Bike
● Therastride
● Nustep
● Standing FramesSynaptic delivers activity based therapy centered on the principles of neuroprotection, neurorecovery, and neuroplasticity.

Research has demonstrated that high intensity exercise assists in (the reorganization of the CNS) the increase of gray matter in the central nervous system and can reestablish the connections between existing neurons. Our approach to rehabilitation and therapy encourages the brain and body to reconnect these pathways through functional movements. The learning of these functional movement patterns lead to an increase in independence, mobility and improved quality of life.

The unique approach to training at Synaptic focuses on treating below the level of injury. It has been demonstrated that after a spinal cord injury the nerves below the lesion do not become silent but maintain their functional properties and still are able to respond to stimulus. The second unique trait of Synaptics’ training is the focus on high intensity activity. This type of activity has been proven to have a protective effect on our nervous system and can help to prevent advancement of progressive neurological conditions.

Synaptic is derived from the Greek meaning “to join together” and this is embedded in the ethos of our facility. With a collaborative approach to healthcare, our team of neuro supportive practitioners work to promote healing, recovery, and elevation of function.

We Provide:
● Activity Based Therapy
● Physical Therapy
● Occupational Therapy
● Massage
● Nutrition
● Mental Health and Wellness CounsellingWith your support Synaptic will continue to be a progressive outpatient centre in Alberta that offers recovery and hope to the thousands of people in our community living with neurological conditions. Your donation provides access to rehabilitation and gives the opportunity to heal, rebuild and live life to its fullest potential.

We invite gifts of therapy sessions to a family member, friend, or client in need of our services, at $105 for an hour of rehabilitation.

Monthly gifts ensure that Synaptic can continue to provide care, education, and technology to the community. Annual or one-time donations help us purchase life-changing rehabilitative equipment and deliver treatment.

Be the difference. Make a donation today.

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