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In the 2018-2019 school year, across Alberta, The Educational Partnership Foundation worked with:

  • 375 School Districts
  • 2388 Schools
  • 704,890 students

Impact from our teachers who participated in our Reading…Give it a Shot! program:

I teach Kindergarten and the students just love earning the cards!!! It is a great motivator!! I have the students earn cards in two different ways – the parents reading to them (they keep track with the Tracking Sheets) and the students reading decodable books individually to me in class. They love it and their reading is improving like crazy. Keep up the great work.

I had a non verbal child that became so excited with the animal cards and started using language!!!!!

Thank you for giving us this opportunity! We are so grateful to have received these cards. Our whole school of about 500 students have been using them!

Unmotivated boys loving reading and being super interested was a great success story.Three distinct programs are offered by TEPF to students in the Province of Alberta;

1. Reading…. Give it a Shot! provides students with greater incentive to develop strong literacy skills.

2. Environmental Actions Program supports environmental literacy and students who demonstrate environmental leadership and make a difference in our communities.

3. Trades Careers provides students in grades 11 & 12 with a hands-on learning at off-campus locations in first-class facilities taught by journeymen instructors in the trades.When schools and community organizations work together to support learning, everyone benefits. Partnerships can serve to strengthen, support, and even transform. The Educational Partnership Foundation (TEPF) is dedicated to addressing and enabling access to the tools and resources necessary to support teachers while enhancing student’s ability to learn and succeed.

Program costs and impact:

•       $6 allows one child to participate in Reading… Give it Shot! program

•       $210 allows a classroom of students to participate in Reading… Give it Shot! program

•       $500 allows a class of students to run a small energy efficient or environmental project or program at their school

•       $1000 allows a class of students to run a large energy efficient or environmental project or program at their school

•       $500 allows one graduate of the Trades Career program to be awarded a “Trade Milestone” bursary to assist with costs associated with their Apprenticeship courses.

•       $5,000+ allows a student to participate in the Trades Career program

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