The Handi-Boat Society of Alberta

we serve these populations

  • aging population
  • children and youth
  • Disabilities
  • veterans

we need help with:

  • mental health
  • sports and recreation
  • transportation

The Handi-Boat Society of Alberta is a volunteer based Not for Profit organization that provides a unique recreational opportunity for people with disabilities, the disadvantaged and senior citizens in the Calgary and surrounding area.

The Handi-Boat, named the Santa Maria II, is a custom-built motorized pontoon watercraft that carries up to 18 guests, eight of which can be in wheelchairs.

The cost to operate the Santa Maria is about $450 per trip. Since we are a not-for-profit, charitable Society run by volunteers, we do not have a set price for a trip. We do request a donation based on ability to pay. Nominal donations are between $200 and $300 but we never turn down a trip because of inability to pay.

There are several clients who do not have the ability to pay at all or only a very small amount collected from caregivers or relatives of our guests. These usually are clients from smaller group homes that cater to mentally challenged or brain injured people, say injured vets from Bosnia or Afghanistan conflicts, or guests who come from disadvantaged parts of the city or other situations.

The donation would be used to cover the operational costs for these special guests.

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Ron Kaczmar

Past President

(403) 257-3028


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