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In 2019, The Military Museums Foundation educated 4850  students from Calgary area schools and civic groups (Scouts, Cadets, etc.) on key elements of Canada’s Military History including programs on the War of 1812, Indigenous Veterans and the role of Women in previous conflicts.

The Foundation’s education programs are designed to align with and support the Alberta academic curriculum using Canadian military history as the vehicle.  Thus grade specific topics covering everything from STEM subjects (e.g. buoyancy, code breaking) to Social Studies (Vimy’s impact on Canadian identity) are presented in an interactive format to meet the needs of different ages, grades and learning styles.By offering educational programs throughout the museums, we are providing a unique learning experience and drawing connections from history into the modern day.As the Alberta curriculum changes and as increasing numbers of students are signing up to attend these programs, it has become apparent that we need expert fundraising to provide sources of funds to support the following:

1)    To offer bussing bursaries so transportation costs are not a barrier to participation.

2)    The on-going development of programs that reflect historical milestones, advances in technology, changes in curricula and remain relevant to youth.

3)    The improvement and increase of teaching and learning materials to support current and future programs.

4)    The upgrade of educational spaces, such as the education centre, Cooper-Key Hall and the Atrium to improve acoustics for larger groups, ensure appropriate seating and maintain the visual presentation of learning content.

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