The Oladele Foundation/African Cancer Support Group

we serve these populations

  • aging population
  • children and youth
  • immigrant newcomers
  • veterans
  • women

we need help with:

  • cancer care
  • education
  • food security
  • mental health
  • physical health

Requesting $750000

non profit
black led

To provide mental, emotional and material support to survivors, patients, and caregivers of cancer and other critical diseases, and share stories, symptoms, information, and coping strategies.
To provide Support, Awareness, Collaboration, Education and Funding to community members and patients of cancer and other critical diseases.
African/Caribbean/Black Canadians are suffering from and dying of cancer diseases more than any other populations according to the statistics from the American Cancer Society. We believe this can be changed through awareness campaign and support programs. “African Americans have the highest death rate and shortest survival of any racial and ethnic group in the US for most cancers.”
This statistic is partly because cancer is not diagnosed early within the community and patients do not seek medical attention. In many cases, patients would not want to be treated with modern and orthodox medicine, rather they would subscribe to or prefer to be treated with traditional herbs, turning to modern medication only when it’s almost too late!
The Statistic Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society do not have statistics on the impacts of cancer on different populations.

Support patients and survivors of cancer and other critical diseases, their caregivers and family mentally, emotionally and materially to enable them to cope with their treatments and recovery processes.
– We provide mental health support through professionals and registered counsellors and mental health providers.
– We provide emotional, spiritual and faith based support to patients by linking them up with spiritual leaders of their faith and culture. We provide encouragements and advice based on the lived experience of members.
– We provide material need including food (prepared and raw) and essential items to the patients, survivors, caregivers and their families. We also try to provide financial support where possible.

Through cancer awareness campaign and education among the African/Caribbean/Black Canadian
Through webinars, Social media adverts, podcasts, print publications radio announcements and advertisements.

_ To educate community members on cancer as a potentially treatable disease if detected early.
– To remove the conception that cancer is a death sentence.
– To encourage discussions about cancer within the community so that patients can freely discuss their issues.
– To enable any new diagnosis/current patients to come forward so that they can be adequately helped.
– To reduce the number of Africans/blacks dying of cancer due to late diagnosis or inadequate support.
– To create an environment where people patients/caregivers can share stories, symptoms and coping strategies.
– To educate the communities on available government resources that can help cancer patients and caregivers.




We need sponsorships for our activities.
We need financial support.
We need grants.
We need funding.
We need publication. The Oladele Foundation is a new and small organization and need all genuine and legal publicity it can get.
We need help in strategic and structural settings.
We need volunteers
We need help and support to become charitable organization.


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