The Refuge Mission Foundation

we serve these populations

  • homelessness
  • indigenous communities

we need help with:

  • employment
  • faith
  • food security
  • mental health

Requesting $175000

non profit
Equity Deserving Community Led

The Purpose of the Mission Hall is to serve, love, clothe, house, employ, advocate for, and destroy the stigma of permanent homelessness. We believe homelessness is a season for which the most vulnerable can find hope and complete transformation in Christ Jesus.


1- Nutritional Meals: It is our desire to provide healthy, nutritional meals that will help the community members keep and strengthen their health condition while reducing the strain on AHS.
The Mission Hall is open every evening from 5:30pm to 8:00 pm serving an average or 200-250 meals a day. We serve snacks, sandwiches and often food that is prepared in an AHS-approved kitchen. Our goal is to complete the Mission House Kitchen to prepare in-house nutritional meals for which we are requiring funding of $75,000 to be completed by our preferred deadline of April 2023.

2- Spiritual Food: As a Christian organization we decided to be at the epicenter of the Homeless community, which is why we get to serve a high concentration of people. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the community while serving them daily with respect and dignity. We believe in the gospel of “setting the captives free” from the bondage of addictions, mental anguish, and torment. We are praying and interceding for the manifestations of the power of healing the sick and delivering the oppressed. It is not uncommon to see signs of God moving regularly for His glory in the Mission Hall as prayer becomes a dominant factor in the ministry.
100% Volunteer Run by Spirit filled Christians who love to serve; Between 5:30 PM and 7PM we serve food, then 7PM – 8PM we have a preacher of the word, and lastly, we minister to those who want prayer and give their lives to Christ. Others just want a warm place to eat, lay their heads to rest and need a new set of clothing.

3- No One Turned Away: From our very beginnings we have had the heart to help everyone who comes in need, especially those that might have been rejected or turned away from other agencies due to their mental state. We fill a much-needed gap in the community due to lack of access or resources elsewhere.

4- The Refuge Mission House Project: The number of people experiencing homelessness in Edmonton has skyrocketed to just under 3,000 up from 1,900 just 2 years ago. There is an alarming demand for housing.

The Mission Housing property is being renovated to disciple 10 men wishing to completely change their lives. The property will be capable of housing 10 men and a male minister who can provide structure, discipleship, and training as a live-in 24/7 Christian support(s) person. This proven system will lead many to a successful transition out of homelessness into a life of purpose.

The Refuge Mission House estimated cost of construction for the 6-suite home is $175,000 and our goal is to have this completed by July 2023. Each room will host 2 beds with complete bathroom.

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