The Resilience Institute

we serve these populations

  • children and youth
  • indigenous communities
  • women

we need help with:

  • conservation
  • education
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • food security
  • science and research

The Resilience Institute was created to build capacity to address sustainability and climate concerns through education and research. Since our inception our team at the Resilience Institute has focused its efforts on creating climate resilient futures and reducing risks to disasters. Unfortunately, as the impacts of climate change bare down on us, every year our work becomes more urgent and the case for supporting our mission grows.

Our success depends on project-based funding and philanthropy. Our need is increase the security and stability of our organization through philanthropic gifts so that we can better support people develop personal, organizational and community-wide resilience to a warming world. 

Philanthropic support over the coming decade will enable programming that is focused on mountain and Indigenous communities across Southern Alberta. For example:

  • expanding on successful programming that unites people in solution-focused, forward-thinking strategies such as fostered through the Art of Climate Change, Fire & Ice and Local Early Action Planning
  • implementing climate priorities that have been identified by the communities we work with such as increasing food security
  • expanding research on the potential of traditional plants to sequester carbon in collaboration with Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada

Our operating model consists of a small core team and network of diverse knowledge holders which enables us to be nimble and responsive to change while co-creating initiatives that are relevant to our partners.

We work locally, nationally and globally with partners in government, local and Indigenous communities, academia, and other organizations on initiatives that build capacity in vulnerable communities and inspire personal, organizational, and community resilience.

Unique to our work is that we actively weave Indigenous values with other ways of knowing to  advance local change and inspire transformative thinking about the future.

We are a UNFCCC accredited charity and a contributor to the Local Communities & Indigenous Peoples’ Platform, Resilience Frontiers and the Nairobi Work Programme.

Current programming includes mix of climate mitigation and adaptation activities that intersect to achieve long-term resilience to climate impacts.

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