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New immigrant families are vulnerable to stressors in marriage because of lack of family support, friendship network and limited finances. This is leading to many immigrant marriages falling apart. Our project is focused on addressing some of these issues by supporting couples who want to learn skills to strengthen their marriage. We will provide an 8 sessions marriage course and offer couples a one-hour marriage mentoring session during the week after each marriage course class, and up to a month after the completion of the program. Research shows that children suffer greatly from family breakdown, where family breakdown is the single biggest predictor of internalized and externalized problems (mental health problems) for children and teenagers. The fact is that many families want help to navigate the issues that is impeding them from having a healthy family life, however the cost associated with getting marriage counselling, coaching, or mentoring stops these families from speaking out. The pilot of our program that we ran from 15th October 2022 to date shows that couples who have attended our program already report improvement in their family life. We need the cost of running our organization and the programs. Because we believe in the need that there is in our communities for marriages to be supported, the founders of TheMarriageAdvovates Canada have use their own fund to support the organization to date, however we acknowledge that this is not a sustainable financial plan for the longevity of the organization. Your donation will impact our community, given that our society thrives on strong families. Children will also benefit from parents learning new skills to relate with each other and therefore build a healthy family life. Using the template of our current pilot of this program, we will run our program for 8 weeks at a time with 10 couples enrolled, 4 times in 12 months (once every quarter). This will translate to serving a total of 40 couples/ families. In addition, we will offer 1-month free marriage mentoring to each couple after the completion of the program.

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