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THIRD ACTion Film Festival guides an age-positive culture shift through film and film-based events. We offer an entertaining and educational experience that redefines the narrative around aging.

Our 3-day festival takes place in early June each year during the weekend of Alberta Seniors’ Week. We showcase 23-36 films over 10 screenings along with talks by filmmakers, researchers and subject matter experts. Between Oct and April each year, we host monthly screenings with talks as well. In 2023 we will be conducting a 48 hour film challenge as part of our festival.

As of January 2022, we utilize a simulcast or live broadcasting method with all screenings. This allows an in person audience and an online audience to see the same thing at the same time. We do a live opening, play film and then back to a live Q&A or close. Both audiences are able to interact with the

We are driven by our need to bring awareness to ageism, build the movement and make social change through instigating conversations.

Donations will support our capacity to extend our message through the Calgary based festival and monthly screenings as well as the development of partnerships across the province to extend our reach and message.

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