Trades Guild

we serve these populations

  • homelessness

we need help with:

  • addiction recovery
  • education
  • employment
  • mental health
  • transportation

Requesting $4560000


The goal of Trades Guild is to help vulnerable individuals find their vocation, make it their occupation, attain economic independence and become successful contributors to society. This is accomplished by providing free trade-related careers to those who, because of homelessness, jailtime, addiction recovery, lack of finances or formal education, would otherwise not have the opportunity. The programs provide on-the job training that empower participants with trade skills to help them find meaningful employment that turn into career in carpentry, cabinet making, finishing and upholstery. It also provides health and safety training, and a lifetime mentoring, psychological and counselling support. Beneficiaries will be paid a minimum wage while in training, in keeping with the self-sufficient goals of the programs. Funding is needed to secure accessible office location and cover costs for equipment and vehicles, operations and salaries of students and personnel and contractors.

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Tom Loszchuk

General Manager

(403) 968-9258


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Charity Number: #772910147RR0001

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