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Valour Canada is adamant that an understanding of Canada’s military history is a necessity for maintaining a democracy where we, the citizens, send our men and women into harm’s way, for better or worse. It is our responsibility as parents, citizens, and members of the greater community, to ensure that our youth have a deep understanding of our Canadian military history so that they can then think critically and make better-informed decisions about Canada’s current and future role in the world.

Valour Canada’s Mission is to connect Canadians to their proud military history and heritage and by doing so, we hope to assist in the development of future leaders who possess a depth of knowledge and an ability for critical thought that when taken together, best position our communities and our country for choosing actions that benefit the greater good.

To complete our mission, we educate through the use of multiple platforms, including: social media, online resource repositories, documentary videos, lecture series’, and most importantly, IN-PERSON programs, that are presented to youth in museums or in schools.

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In-person Programs

The Character of our Canadian Military History (current)
This project takes a unique approach to learning about Canadian military history by embedding the history content within an experiential, innovative, and team-based educational framework that presents students with memorable opportunities to explore and develop the following character traits: communication, resilience, cooperation, responsibility, thoughtfulness, and courage. Debriefing and individual reflection are cornerstones of a design that also includes these fun and informative learning activities. This program is predominantly hosted by Calgary’s “The Military Museums” and has be presented in both Alberta and Ontario classrooms.
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The Ottawa Treaty: Ending the Crisis in Syria
The Ottawa Treaty program is an exploration into the Syrian Crisis using a Model-UN like design – a truly informative, thought-provoking, and meaningful learning experience.
(Note: this program was retired in the spring of 2017).


Online Programs

Canadian Military History Library
The library consists of over 150 youth-targeted, short articles that bring bits of Canadian military history to life. Current articles include: John Shiwak, Korean War, D-Day, Richard Pierpoint, Cynthia Oakley, Masumi Mitsui, Oka Crisis, Star Wars’ Weapons, Enigma Machine, Lady Byng Trophy, etc

The Road to Vimy Ridge
Valour Canada’s Road to Vimy Ridge offers comprehensive coverage of Canada’s First World War experience with a focus on our success at the Vimy Ridge. The site is divided into six main components, each with a short online quiz and sprinkled throughout with remarkable photographs, informative videos, scroll-over definitions, illustrative maps, and embedded links to related resources. Our site also hosted a scholarship contest in 2016-17 that allowed us to award $500 each to two graduating Ontario high school students.

The Case of the Llandovery Castle
This fully-bilingual website links to one of the Forgotten Fallen highlighted in our documentary: Matron Marjory Margaret Fraser. The site employs a case-study approach to the sinking of His Majesty’s Hospital Ship Llandovery Castle and explores the question of whether the German submarine crew was guilty of any offence.

YouTube Channel
Housing all of Valour Canada’s videos, our YouTube channel provides us a media platform with which to highlight our documentaries (Monumental Canadians series and Forgotten Fallen), winning scholarship entries, lecture series recordings, and moving maps.



Lecture Series:  Valour Canada partners with a wide variety of organizations to bring expert speakers to various Calgary venues in the interest of educating the public about our military history.

General Sir Arthur Currie Award:  Held annually to honour General Sir Arthur Currie, our most distinguished general, we recognize a Canadian(s) who within their lifetime have consistently and effectively connected Canadians to their military heritage.


Social Media

Our social media pages are informative and evocative in covering historical and current topics on Canada’s military. We currently have thousands of followers over our 3 sites and several of our posts (on Militrivia) have received over 30,000 views.

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Valour Canada has a number of impactful projects in production and planned for release in the near future. Sponsorship of our overall program, or of specific aspects of individual projects, best ensures the financial sustainability of our long-term objectives: that of educating youth about our shared military history and heritage.

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