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  • women

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“WP Puppet Theatre has been a pulse in my family, always in the background and always beating a steady, even beat that I can return to when I need to ground myself and remember to act like the father I want to be.” (a father)

WP Puppet Theatre Society


W.P. Puppet Theatre Society (WPTS) provides learning opportunities and performances for children, youth and adult audiences.  Based in Moh’kinstsis – Calgary, AB, since 1991, we are a not-for-profit charity. We tour regionally and internationally, providing original programming.

Our mandate is to use the power of puppetry to impact positive social change. Believing that puppets have a special role as representatives and that art has a responsibility and opportunity to mirror and shape reality, our goals are to:

·      Provide tools and builds skillsets to Express voice.

·      Empower and develop healthy and engaged individuals.

·      Foster Empathy and inspiration by connecting diverse audiences.

In November 2022 WPTS approved a Strategic Framework for the next four years. It seeks to address our recovery and re-emergence with the:

·      Long-term operational impacts of Covid i.e.: funding and audience engagement.

·      Shifts in technology and media consumption

·      Societal demands for social justice and change.

Included in the Framework was our policy and practices for Diversity and Inclusion, which builds from our Antiracist and Organizational change training, ongoing since 2020. Our current staff/board demographics are 33% BIPOC//66% women or non-binary/ 25% seniors, and we continue to deliberately seek ways to increase inclusion and diversity in all facets including, but not limited to, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, and backgrounds.

Recognizing that we are all on a journey of Reconciliation we have made Commitments to Action responding to TRC and UNDRIP recommendations, e.g., While understanding it’s an ongoing activity, we thought deeply about our roles as Treaty 7 people and re-wrote our land acknowledgment to be personal and specific.

Our Framework also specified our long-term aspiration to position WPTS as a global resource and leader in utilizing puppetry, in an art informed process, in mental wellness, and education settings. We remain committed to producing, performing and presenting amazing and inspiring puppet theatre as we have for three decades.

WP Puppet Theatre Society VIEW from the Inside

Since 1991 WPTS has delivered programming with strong aesthetic values and keen attention to pedagogical and psychological best practices. Our small team of staff/contractors are entrepreneurial and educated individuals who create a respectful, supportive work environment (4 people). We are supported by many dedicated volunteers. (2020-21: 60 people with 1866 hours) Our nine Board of Directors serve 3 or more years. We engage other artists, from across Canada and internationally in our projects. (2020-21: 37 people). Historically we reached thousands (e.g., 2016-17: 8423 people) of audiences as we toured for school residencies, provided Professional Development and performed at community festivals and events. Our annual operating budget is about $200,000.

In 2020 we expanded our in-person programs to address geographic, financial, social and functional accessibility. We now also offer synchronous and asynchronous online performances and learning experiences. In 2020-21 we presented 99 events, 70 of which were online, and facilitated 155 hours of learning experiences  for a total audience of nearly 2000 people. One of our key programs is our award-winning, research informed, VIEW from the Inside, supporting mental health and wellness for seniors or youth. (Over 700 participants since 2015). Another is our Festival of Ideas, a live/online event, exploring the application of puppetry in the social issues of our time and featuring master puppeteers from around the world. (Launched in 2000).


With roots in the playtime imaginations of two young girls, the society has persisted, and succeeded, through the uncertainties of the arts and cultural sector. After 30 years of operations, we have a respected reputation, brand recognition, a loyal following and many stories about our impact…

WP Puppet Theatre Society impact

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