Western Muslim Initiative

we serve these populations

  • Disabilities
  • immigrant newcomers
  • indigenous communities
  • women

we need help with:

  • arts
  • faith
  • heritage
  • mental health
  • music

Our organisation aims to be an inclusive space for diverse Muslims living in Alberta who seek a sense of community. Through our events, we provide a space for individuals identifying as Muslims and friends of other faiths to gather, make connections, learn from each other, and celebrate all of parts of their identities. Our aim is for Calgarians of ethnic and racialized backgrounds to feel accepted, grow as individuals, and contribute to their home to make Calgary a better place to live in.

Muslim Art Movement (MAM) is our yearly cornerstone event. It is a showcase of Muslim artists, musicians and performers in Calgary. MAM is comprised of three distinct yet interconnected components: creating art; discussing art; and sharing art. The aim of this event is to provide Calgarians of Muslim and other faith backgrounds with a series of platforms where they can meet to connect with art in its many forms, as well as the various purposes that it may serve. The unique feature of the MAM is that it contributes to and strengthens the artistic heritage of Calgary, while contemporaneously enabling Calgarians to engage in the diverse tradition of Muslim art.
While the WMI began as an endeavour to fight stereotypes and Islamophobia, we humbly now stand as an organization that goes far beyond that–and MAM is our annual opportunity to celebrate, showcase, and be proud of Muslim talent and the identities they represent. We truly believe the Muslim Art Movement flips the script for Muslims in Calgary to move beyond fighting for inclusion within the Canadian narrative, and to rewrite the narrative for ourselves.

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