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The current rate of species extinction is over 1,000 times the natural rate. Today’s annual species body count is no longer a mere handful – it’s a tidal wave. Our relationship with nature has become increasingly disproportionate and unsustainable, and there’s only one way to restore balance to wildlife and human life – together.

Introducing the Wilder Institute: a force for nature accelerating the Calgary Zoo’s wildlife conservation impact. We’re the kind of conservation organization the world needs now. We’re leading a global movement of action-takers inspired to secure a flourishing future for all living things.


The Wilder Institute works to restore balance between human life and wildlife. We know it is possible to bring species back from the brink: whooping cranes, swift foxes, greater sage grouse, Vancouver Island marmots and many other species in Canada and around the world survive in the wild due to the work of the Wilder Institute. We’ve built our reputation as a global authority on conservation translocations and community conservation by protecting species in our own backyard and collaboratively engaging local communities abroad to foster economic solutions that benefit both wildlife and people.

While restoring balance to the planet is our mission, our roots are planted deep in the rich soil of Alberta, Canada, drawing nourishment and cutting-edge science from the decades of pioneering reintroduction work of the Calgary Zoo. We operate Canada’s largest conservation breeding and research facility to return threatened and endangered species to the wild, where our planet needs them to be.

The Wilder Institute engages in collaborative partnerships around the world to innovate and apply scientific solutions to achieve long-term benefits for wildlife conservation. We work with government, academic, industry, community, and non-profit partners to develop and implement conservation strategies to benefit species-at-risk. Our research advances the science and best practices of conservation biology to leverage greater impact and inspire the next generation of conservationists.


Conservation Translocation

Conservation translocations of endangered species are becoming an increasingly important tool to stem the extinction crisis. A translocation is the deliberate movement and release of plants, animals or fungi into the wild, either from captivity or relocated from other wild areas, in order to prevent their extinction. Species reintroductions are just one type of conservation translocation, and they require sound science, long-term investment and continued monitoring to be successful.

The Wilder team utilizes conservation breeding and other translocation methods to help secure the future for endangered species across Canada and around the world.

Community Conservation

The vast majority of the world’s biological diversity exists in developing nations. In these regions, rural communities live alongside endangered species and hold in their hands the power to save these fragile plant and animal populations. Often these communities understand what needs to be done, but lack the tools, resources and expertise to take meaningful action. These are the ingredients for success that the Wilder Institute brings.

Community conservation is the practice of conserving wildlife and their habitats while improving the livelihoods of local people. In other words, community conservation benefits both nature and humans. Community conservation projects do so by creating sustainable employment opportunities, and by focusing on education, building capacity, and improving the quality of life for community members in ways that also protect and benefit biodiversity.


The world is facing serious challenges. The number of endangered species are increasing, habitats are disappearing and the pressures of human consumption on the planet continue to grow. All too often wildlife loses out.

Few of us will ever have a chance to alter the course of history. But together, we might just be able to. Together, we can make the world a wilder place.

Your support will ensure there are wildlife, wild places and thriving communities in our future.

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