Windmill Microlending (formerly Immigrant Access Fund Canada)

Fulfilling Dreams – Transforming Lives

A recent survey of Windmill Microlending loan recipients reported that 80% of those who completed their program or training plan are working in their field at the same level or above what they had before immigrating to Canada.

Loan recipients who completed their learning program went from $16,000 in income on average to $50,000 in income.

Loan recipients went from paying $1,945 in tax based on their pre-borrowing income, to paying $8,452 in tax as a result of the loan (includes both federal and provincial tax).

Every $1 invested in Windmill Microlending’s program returns $15 in income for the Canadian economy in the first year after a borrower completes their learning plan4Windmill Microlending  lends to people with low income, no Canadian credit history or collateral, and the interest rate is low with favourable repayment terms.

Microloans up to $10,000 cover costs for:

Short-term (two years or less) training
Exam fees with a professional governing association
Travel expenses to write an exam
Qualification assessments
Professional association fees
Books and course materials
English or French language courses specific to employment
Living allowance during study time
Other related expenses

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