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Young-Onset Dementia describes people who are diagnosed at the age of 64 or younger with a form of dementia (e.g., Alzheimer’s, Frontotemporal Dementia, etc.)

Over 1,400 people (between 40-64 years of age) are living with young-onset dementia in the Calgary area (Alberta Health, 2018).

Typically, people in this age group with this diagnosis are physically active and social. They are in the prime of their careers and family life. This diagnosis changes their world drastically and they often find that their connection to the broader community is quickly diminished and can be left at home in isolation while loved ones go to work or school. Many families discover that they are ineligible for seniors’ benefits, and too young to gain value in programs for the elderly. YouQuest was established to help address the gap in services available for this group of people.

YouQuest is an age-appropriate, all-inclusive day that provides therapeutic services, events, and opportunities to re-connect with the broader community. Recreation Therapists and a team of volunteers work with participants to set goals based on their interests, strengths, and abilities. The day includes intentionally planned social, physical and cognitive activities that include fitness classes, hikes, visits to local attractions, music, games, exploring communities in and around Calgary, and visiting local restaurants.

Funds received support the YouQuest service days where individuals with young-onset dementia find community, connections and camaraderie.

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