For Charities: Becoming a CKC Member

Why Become a CKC Member?

The Community Knowledge Centre (CKC) allows charitable organizations to share compelling stories that connect donors, community members, policy makers and media to the vibrant nonprofit sector.

Requirements to join CKC:

  • Must be a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency
  • Must directly serve Calgary and area
  • Want to join? Contact Emily at [email protected] or 403 802 7308.

Benefits of joining CKC:

  • The Foundation’s donor relations team uses CKC as a resource to inform donors
  • An average of 1,500 people visit CKC each month
  • We’ve seen a 60 per cent increase in first-time visitors this past year
  • Free storytelling workshops to craft a compelling story about your organization

For Donors: Using the CKC

CKC can inform your giving decisions and inspire ideas for granting conversations with your Calgary Foundation stewardship representative. Organizations can be searched alphabetically, by name, the key issue area they serve, by key words or by simply typing an entry into the search engine in the top right-hand corner.

See the full 2018 Calgary’s Vital Signs Report to learn about the most pressing issues facing our city this year from expert research combined with the results of the citizen survey.

CKC offers opportunities to:

  • INSPIRE: CKC profiles will inspire you and deepen your knowledge of community. Explore stories of impact on our community and see details from charities on ways to support, financials, photos, videos and latest news.
  • INFORM: Search for charities that align with your values and interests by name, key issue area or key word. There are five Vital Priority search categories with several sub key issues from which to choose.
  • INVEST: CKC showcases meaningful ways to invest in organizations through donations, volunteering and other opportunities. Donations can be made through your donor stewardship representative or directly to the charity online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Community Knowledge Centre (CKC)?

CKC is an online resource that profiles the work of charitable organization and showcases their unique stories of impact … in their own words. CKC informs citizens, donors and media about the issues facing our community so they can better understand, discuss, respond and support immediate and long-term community needs.

What makes CKC unique from other websites?

CKC is a central hub that provides convenient access to consistent, comprehensive and current info, videos and photos that bring to life compelling stories of how organizations transform lives. CKC uses storytelling as a powerful tool to build understanding, share strengths, challenges and present promising practices within the charitable sector.

Why did the Calgary Foundation launch CKC?

Serving donors and making grants will always be key roles of the Calgary Foundation but equally important is that we exist to serve and strengthen the charitable sector by elevating the position of charitable organizations as a critical agent for change.

How is CKC connected to Calgary’s Vital Signs?

Calgary’s Vital Signs is an annually published Report that measures the vitality of our community, identifies trends and assigns grades in areas critical to quality of life. As an extension of Vital Signs, CKC empowers citizens to make informed decisions that address the issues raised in Vital Signs.

How are charitable organizations chosen to be featured on CKC?

From many years of annually supporting hundreds of charitable organizations, Calgary Foundation has developed an extensive network in the charitable sector. From grassroots organizations to large institutions, CKC is open to all registered charitable organizations who address issues in CKC’s key issue areas.

What are the future plans for CKC?

Calgary Foundation is in the first stage of a long term initiative; there are many more compelling stories to be told. Charitable organizations will continue to be added over the next few years to build CKC into a premiere resource that connects those with resources, with those who need resources.

What is the background of CKC?

CKC was developed by the Toronto Foundation with assistance from IBM, in response to many requests for an accessible resource that could provide current information on what issues need addressing and where support is most needed in communities.