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Chinook Country Historical Society

Our Society creates a greater understanding of Canadian and Albertan history. A “Museum of the Mind,” where we collect and tell stories of the many people that have made Calgary and Alberta the vibrant place it is today.

Our Impact

What We Do

Each year we showcase history of the Calgary region in monthly presentations from September through May and for 11 days during Historic Calgary Week in late July/early August.  We present some 75 programs that explore the diverse culture and history of the region.

Although CCHS organizes and supports Historic Calgary Week, we work with many other local organizations that have an interest in history.  Many of these organizations showcase their specific interest in history as part of our overall program. The vast majority of our programs are open to the public at no cost.

This has been a landmark year being the 25th anniversary of Historic Calgary Week.  To mark this occasion, we have organized the most comprehensive program yet.  In addition to some 60+ regular events, there are several special events including:

  • Calgary Remembered – viewing a video of that examines the spirit that built Calgary and followed up with a panel presentation of the visions for the future;
  • History Hunt – reviving a feature of the original Historic Calgary Week in 1991, participants will have the opportunity to discover hidden history nuggets throughout Calgary;
  • Salute to the Stones of Signal Hill – Take A Pilgrim in this unique centennial commemoration of Sarcee Camp and learn about the sacrifices of our troops in WW I.  Learn about the origin of the Stones;
  • Children’s History Books – a two-volume history of the Calgary region focussing on the people and events that made Calgary what it is today.  The books are being written for 8-12 year olds.  The books will be distributed free of charge to elementary schools and libraries in the region;
  • Historical Crossword Puzzle – the 25th anniversary giant crossword puzzle commemorating this silver anniversary is again part of HCW;
  • The Historic Calgary Week Forever Fund – we have a  established fund at the Calgary Foundation to provide a fiancial base for future HCW festivals.

Full members of Chinook Country receive the Historical Society of Alberta’s quarterly journal, Alberta History and quarterly newsletters, History Now.  Readers have free access to the past 50 years of Alberta History via the University of Alberta’s Peel Collection. Browsing through this University of Alberta site will offer many articles and research tools for your resource needs.

Over 50 titles featuring Alberta’s rich past have been published or sponsored by the HSA’s Alberta Resources Publication Board (ARPB) or the HSA chapters.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Chinook Country Historical Society promotes a greater understanding of Canadian and Alberta history in Chinook Country, in part, through:

  • A monthly program of presentations of historical interest from September through May;
  • The annual Historic Calgary Week, 11 days of walks, talks and tours celebrating the history of Calgary and region.  This year the HCW festival will be held from July 23 to August 3;
  • Sponsoring books and anthologies that highlight Calgary and Alberta history.  Currently, CCHS is in the process of publishing a history book for children aged 8-12 years.  The first volume of a two-volume series should be available by December 2015.  The book will highlight the stories of the people that resided in and built our province.

Membership fees pay for only a small portion of our programs with donations and grants making up the difference.  Our programs are organized by committees reporting to the Board of Directors and are comprised of a program committee for the monthly programs, a committee that organizes Historic Calgary Week and a third committee that is sourcing and editing the material for the children’s books.

Our efforts are almost entirely volunteer run with support from the Historical Society of Alberta.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

As a volunteer-run, non-profit organization, CCHS relies on membership fees and donations for the majority of its funding requirements.  Our programs are partially supported by government and community grants.  Your active participation in bringing our programs to Albertans is vital to achieving our mission.

  1. Attend a presentation: Join the hundreds of Albertans that come to understand and marvel at the efforts of the pioneers and builders of our province and country by participating in Historic Calgary Week or attending a monthly presentation.
  2. Research a story: Are you intrigued by the story of a pioneer?  Perhaps someone in your family was part of our history.  Why not find out more about him or her and write an article for Alberta History magazine or for the CCHS Newsletter?  Many interesting and important stories are buried in the archives of Glenbow or Calgary Public Library, waiting for an inquiring mind to bring them to the light of day.  Make a presentation at one of our venues.
  3. Become a Member: Our members are inspired by all aspects of our history: the perseverance and entrepreneurship of our pioneers, our arts and cultural history and understanding how the lessons of the past can benefit our future.  Being a member demonstrates to one and all the importance of our history.
  4. Become a Partner: Volunteer your time to promote a greater understanding of our history and help project the lessons of our rich heritage into the future.
  5. Buy a Book: Read about the fascinating lives of the people that built our province in more than 50 publications sponsored by the Historical Society of Alberta and CCHS.
  6. Volunteer for one of our Programs:  As a totally volunteer-run organization, CCHS relies on the enthusiasm, energy and input from many dedicated volunteers in bringing our programs to the public.  Making connections in the community and experiencing the history of Calgary and region are just a few of the benefits of being a volunteer.  Our volunteers are proud of our city and our province and look forward to sharing the history of our region with residents and visitors alike.
  7. Join our Board: We would be pleased to have new, experienced members join our volunteer board.  Contact Donna Zwicker, President, at 403-261-4667.


Donna Zwicker

Chinook Country Historical Society


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