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c_Creative Potential
A $4.75M campaign to strengthen Calgary’s prosperity through creative possibilities.

c_Our Mission
Our mission is to make creative places that connect people and ideas to ignite collaboration and community-led change.

“cSPACE is one of the best things about Calgary. I think cSPACE is essential and places like cSPACE – placemaking, community making, art making, energy building – we need it.”
Andy Moro, multi-disciplinary artist

c_The Problem
There’s a wealth of undiscovered power and energy building within the fabric of our city.
Concealed in musty basements, run-down garages and isolated workspaces, there are up-and-comers eager to bring their ideas and innovations into the light. They are ambitious, talented and hard-working people. They are innovators and entrepreneurs. Yet, they go unrecognized and largely, overlooked.

At cSPACE, we see who and what they truly are… a hidden key that’s been tucked away for too long; and a key that can help us unlock a critical part of our city’s future.

c_The Solution
We need to elevate our creative entrepreneurs. They need to be Supported. Connected. Amplified. In an environment that doesn’t overlook their ideas and innovations, but showcases them.

Our cSPACE mission is to develop overlooked spaces into thriving creative hubs, where Calgary is a city where creative enterprise thrives in vibrant communities.

To deliver on our purpose we:
– We support creative entrepreneurs with affordable opportunities to scale within inspired, transformed spaces.
– We build strong communities by facilitating collaboration, peer-to-peer learning, access to knowledge and resources.
– We amplify the visibility and legitimacy of creative entrepreneurs to take their ideas and innovations to the next level.

“cSPACE created conditions for us to thrive by offering affordable, attractive studio space that gave our small arts-based business legitimacy. Through cSPACE we’ve stepped into a diverse community of collaborators, clients, and mentors.”
Jessica Brousseau (she/her)
BDES – Alberta University of the Arts
Co-founder of Feast Studio + Press

c_HOW it works
cSPACE was formed to build and manage large-scale hubs across Calgary that are operated sustainably on a cost-recovery basis. We deliver affordable space, shared resources, networking opportunities and specialized programming for the cultural and creative sector. Through our projects, cSPACE provides the conditions that diverse communities of creative entrepreneurs need to remain vital, sustainable and innovative while generating benefits for Calgary as a whole.

• Reimagining space – making affordable, flexible, inspiring spaces that are adaptable to the evolving needs of creative innovators.
• Generating one-of-a-kind gathering places – drawing people in, and where all citizens and visitors to Calgary can enjoy.
• Resourcing city and community-building – creating meaningful connections with peers and collaborators; increasing opportunities to diversify locally; and integrating with surrounding neighbourhoods.
• Expanding creative entrepreneurship – developing specialized programming to build confidence in the people who can generate innovative products and experiences for Calgary and beyond.
• Creating a critical mass – of artistic and creative talent in multi-tenant, multi-disciplinary community spaces.

c_CREATIVE POTENTIAL Campaign Opportunities

This work expands economic opportunities within Calgary and unleashes our creative potential.
Your gift demonstrates that you believe in the potential of Calgary’s creative evolution and future.
Where would you like to invest and c_IMPACT?

c_Core Fund
Fundraising goal: $3.5M
• Investing in the cSPACE concept
• Growing creative placemaking in Calgary
• Offering affordable space, visibility and support for creative, cultural and community enterprises
• Completing capital campaign for cSPACE King Edward (93% complete)

c_Capacity-Building Fund
Fundraising goal: $750,000

• Supporting growth and development of creative entrepreneurs and emerging talent
• Enhancing skills, knowledge and business-building foundations for creative entrepreneurs
• Enabling development and real-world testing of pilot programming and arts incubation
• Supporting the generation of creative collaborations and innovations across disciplines

c_Creative Activation Fund
Fundraising goal: $250,000
• Investing in original initiatives to put Calgary’s creative placemaking on the map
• Supporting arts aligned outreach projects, events, and community programming
• Enable creative activations onsite and in neighbourhoods

c_Climate Conscience Fund
Fundraising goal: $500,000

• Minimizing our environmental footprint through renewable energy and eco-retrofits
• Engaging cSPACE-connected people and implement sustainable practices.
• Heritage restoration and capital enhancements

c_What Comes Next?
Fundraising goal: $500,000

• Creating more cSPACE
• Identifying hidden gems (spaces) and supporting their transformation

c_Calgary Thrive

Join us as we strengthen Calgary through creative possibilities. Thank you.

“Calgary has been a great place for RGO. It’s provided a lot of opportunity and we’ve been happy to give back by providing support to innovative social enterprises and community-building organizations like cSPACE Projects.”
Cathy Orr, President & CEO, RGO

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