Potential Place Society

we serve these populations

  • aging population
  • Disabilities
  • homelessness

we need help with:

  • employment
  • mental health

Requesting $5000000

indigenous led

This year we are fundraising for our purpose-built-facility!
Potential Place Society (PPS) Clubhouse is a non-profit mental health agency that helps people with chronic mental health challenges get into the workforce, manage their daily affairs, access housing, employment, education, and to develop critical life skills. We are a psycho-social rehabilitation (PSR) agency providing wrap-around services to not only clients we house, but to any Calgary resident with a diagnosis of a mental illness. PPS is one of 330 Clubhouses world-wide. PPS is the only accredited Clubhouse in Alberta (accredited by Clubhouse International) and one of 7 accredited Clubhouses in Canada. Accreditation is awarded based on periodic audits that measure our adherence to the 37 Clubhouse International Standards.
We plan to meet the growing need to house low-income Calgary residents with chronic mental health challenges by significantly increasing the number of affordable housing units we own and operate. PPS plans to add an incremental 95 units and consolidate our mental health agency services and housing in one purpose-built facility to improve our service-delivery efficiency and to better serve our clients. We plan to designate the 95 units to serving our clients and other individuals in Calgary who are living with chronic and persistent mental illnesses. We will partner with other mental health agencies to ensure that the units are being filled by our priority group – people in Calgary living with mental illnesses. PPS has an evidence-based model and our psycho-social structured day program reduces hospitalization rates of mental health clients by 50%.

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