Unique Get Together Society

we serve these populations

  • children and youth
  • homelessness
  • indigenous communities
  • women

we need help with:

  • addiction recovery
  • domestic violence
  • education
  • food security
  • mental health

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indigenous led
black led

UGTS is expanding from British Columbia into Alberta. The Unique Get Together Society has a wide range of programs and services that impact the community.
1. UGTS has organized Indigenous culture camps for children and youth to learn about Indigenous knowledge, medicines, and ceremonies.
2. Within the Indigenous community, there are many who deal with intergenerational trauma as a result of the Indian Residential School System. UGTS conducts Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy (IFOT), which is a land-based, client-centered model for addressing trauma. Our trained staff work with clients individually and sometimes in a group setting.
3. To address primary needs we have created essential food hamper programs that help community members access essential food items by pick up or if needed, we deliver
4. Free Indigenous daycare program that strives to provide the children with fun, culturally appropriate learning experiences
5. Addiction Services and transitional housing

Donations to any of the above initiatives are appreciated.

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